La Sammana

LaSammana, a boutique resort located in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey, is one of three properties in the Fanta Sea Resorts family. All three have been financed by Colebrook since 2009.

Products and Services

The principals of Colebrook have been lending to the timeshare industry since 1979. Our understanding of the nuances of the business is of immeasurable aid in developing loan structures that suit customer needs. We’ve gone from deeded timeshare to club products, to travel clubs, re-purposing, and various iterations of all of the above. We finance management contracts and make loans to Homeowners’ Associations. Our size and lack of bureaucracy enable us to move quickly to keep up with current trends.

For Timeshare Developers

  • Hypothecation loans up to $30 million or more
  • Inventory & development loans
  • Financing for B credit receivables
  • Loans to homeowners’ associations for working capital or capital improvements

Although Colebrook offers loan sizes of all types, we believe that our personal service, flexibility and lower transaction costs give us a significant competitive advantage. We also offer fixed rate financing without the need for cumbersome interest rate swaps or other derivative instruments.


For Travel Clubs

Colebrook has initiated a program for the purchase of travel club receivables with terms that are more attractive than those typically available to travel clubs. If you have a solid track record selling the Save-On product, RCI Points, or Interval Gold, give us call and let’s talk. Please see the terms for Travel Club receivables.


Mexican and Caribbean Projects

Colebrook provides receivable financing for U.S. purchasers at Mexican and Caribbean resorts. Many foreign developers have difficulty obtaining financing for their receivables, as banks in Mexico and the Caribbean have been reluctant to fund the timeshare industry, and American lenders have shied away from foreign projects, particularly smaller ones with needs of less than $10 million.

With a more personal approach, Colebrook has been able to provide both loan purchase and hypothecation facilities that provide developers with cash flow for sales, marketing and capital improvements. We believe we have the ability to assess risk and, while our transactions are fully-documented, we try to accommodate the local legal and business environment.


For Financial Institutions

  • Sale of participations
  • Lines of credit
  • Purchase of portfolios

Colebrook has relationships with a number of banks, many of which have been in place for ten years or more. Transactions are structured to protect the institutions, and over the course of hundreds of millions of dollars of loans and participations, no bank has ever suffered a loss in a Colebrook transaction.


Legacy Properties

Older properties sometimes reach the end of their useful life as timeshare resorts and need to be “re-purposed” to another use. Re-purposing involves a lot of time and work and often requires financing. Colebrook has provided funds for such projects. Each situation is different, and if you think you may need financing for re-purposing, please call us.

If you’re interested in something that’s not listed above, call us. We’re happy to listen to new ideas.